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McInnis- Second Life Character

Page history last edited by PBworks 13 years, 1 month ago

Group #1:

Physical Characteristic What this means for our character (How does this affect his personality?)
 very tall  very good at basketball /  good at attracting girls / good at fighting.
 fat  bad at attracting women / not good at running / cant fight /is a boxer
 mustache & goatee  shave in the morning / is less popular / plays the guitar / gets gigs.
 very very dark skin  less job offers because he is aferican american. /gets black women rather than white women /is hard to notis in the dark

Group #2:


Physical Characteristic What this means for our character (How does this affect his personality?)
very tall fast, clumsy......
chubby slow,eats, pizza.......
 Mustshe and goatee  ugly,age is late30's, 1 friend.....
 dark skin gangsta,


Group #3

 very tall he is kinda clumsy, he's a real good basketball player ,and he's a handyman.
chubby he eats too much, he is lazy,  he is a retired sumo wrestler, and he's a hobo
mustache and goatee shaves part of face with a sharp rock, around 40, and has no girlfriend
dark skinned  stays in the Sun too long since he's a hobo and lives under bridges

Group #4

 very tall basketball player , athletic, jump on top of a house  50ft.

 can roll to places, wwe wrestl, needs a new bed every day because he is fat calls him fatty

 mustache and goatee  can't afford shaving cream, or a razor, also poor, steels razors, and livesin the bathroom at Wal-Mart
 VERY DARK  Sat in the oven for hours, cripsy black, hershey special dark chocolate is what he looks likes

Group #5

 very tall good at sports, a model, helpful, thinks he is cool, hard to kiss.
overweight cant run fast, loses breath, loves twinkies, + size male model, gained to much wieght, losing the ladies,  hard to find clothes, barly fits in his car.
 mustache and goatee feels like kissing a catapiller,cant eat twinkies while modeling (gets stuck), looks mexcain with goatee and mustache.
 very dark skin spilled water on tanning bed, and got burnt (he did a backwards Micheal Jackson) now he can model rapper clothes, models air force one shoes, he looks like a brunt mexican now.

Group #6

 Very Tall Good at sports:such as basketball,football.and baseball.
 Overweight Eats to much food.
 Mustache and goatee  Acts like a thug.
Burnt  Needs to stay out of the sun/lives on the beach in Hawii.

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